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NEW Handball

Introducing Handball to the Yorkshire Coast!

Starting the week beginning 11th of September 2017:

Whitby: Mondays at Whitby Leisure Centre 4pm – 5pm (£2 per session)

Scarborough: Thursdays at Scarborough Sports Village 4pm – 5pm (£2 per session)

Handball has been described as football with hands, water-polo without the water, and basketball with nets. What it is, is the most exciting, high scoring, action packed team sport that can be played anywhere by anyone. As there are so many elements of different team sports combined into one, many people will be able to understand the game very easily. Not only is Handball great for your fitness levels, it is a very social sport through which you can meet lots of new people.

Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outfield players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball and attempt to throw it into the goal of the other team.The players move freely around the court bouncing or passing the ball (after up to 3 steps), with the opposite team defending against them, trying to intercept the ball. Players can run anywhere on the court with the ball (so long as they bounce it) or without it, apart from the two 6 meter D shaped goalkeeper areas. The team with the most goals after two periods of 30 minutes wins.



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NEW Junior Netball Club

Active Coast & Country are continuing the success from their Easter Junior Netball Camps and are introducing sessions in Scarborough and Whitby.

Starting on the week beginning 11th September 2017:

Scarborough: Tuesdays Scarborough Sports Village 4pm – 5pm (£2 per session)

Whitby: Wednesdays Whitby Leisure Centre 4pm – 5pm (£2 per session)

As the only Junior Netball session within Scarborough and Whitby, this session will aim to improve the netball skills of 8 – 14 year old girls, working on passing, catching, movement, attacking, defending, match play and set plays. Led by qualified Netball coaches, this session will be coached with opportunities to play games.


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NEW September Timetable

We have just released our new timetable of activities starting on the week beginning the 4th of September 2017!!

Due to the success of our Easter Junior Netball Camps, we have set up two Junior Netball Clubs – one in Whitby and one in Scarborough! We are very excited to be introducing the only junior netball clubs in Whitby and Scarborough and it is a great opportunity for 8-14 year olds to enjoy the sport and improve their skills.

Play Touch Rugby League is continuing in Scarborough through the winter months but has changed day! This session will now take place alongside our Female FA Just Play Football session on the 3G pitch at Scarborough Sports Village. See the page for more details.

Introducing Handball to Scarborough and Whitby! We are starting two sessions of Handball, which is a team sport that combines elements of football, netball, basketball and water polo. Intrigued? Check out the page for more details!


Back to Netball    Beginner Walk to Run

FA Just Play Football    FA Just Play Walking Football

FA Mash Up Futsal    Handball   Improver Walk to Run   

Junior Netball   Leisure Morning/Afternoon  

Play Touch Rugby League     Walking Netball 

Please have a look at our timetable pages for more details of the sessions on every day of the week!

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Meet the team

Meet the Active Coast & Country team


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Play Touch Rugby League

Play Touch Rugby League comes to Yorkshire Coast

Play Touch Rugby League will be delivered and officiated by Active Coast and Country’s Community Sport Activators in partnership with staff from the Rugby Football League.

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Walking Netball

Walking Netball has evolved from a growing demand for walking sports. Walking Netball is a slower version of the game; it is netball, but at a walking pace. The game has been designed so that anyone can play it regardless of age or fitness level. From those who have dropped out of the sport they love due to serious injury, to those who believed they had hung up their netball trainers many years ago, it really is for everyone.

Women the length of the country have begun playing the game of Walking Netball for the fun, laughter and camaraderie the social session brings, as much as the health benefits on offer.

Our Level 2 Netball Coach Natalie and Level 1 Netball Coach Rochelle will be running sessions in Scarborough! The session costs £2.

Scarborough: Tuesdays 11am – 12pm at Scarborough Sports Village, Ashburn Road.





Xplore-ing the Yorkshire Coast!

Explore the Park, Find the Markers, Complete the Challenge, Have fun together!

Xplorer will come back to Pannett Park soon!

Glen Gardens Filey – Summer Xplorer dates:

  • 31st August 2017  1pm – 3pm. (£1 per map)

Peasholm Park Scarborough – Summer Xplorer dates:

  • 1st September 2017  10.30am – 2pm. (£1 per map)

Click on the pictures below for more information!

Xplorer is the perfect outdoor activity for primary and pre-school children and their families.

Xplorer is a family friendly navigation challenge that is educational and fun and gives children a sense of adventure as they explore the park to find the markers. It involves a healthy mix of physical activity and decision making that the whole family can enjoy together. Continue reading “Xplorer”

Walk to Run Groups

Beginner and Improver Walk to Run groups in Scarborough, Whitby and Filey

Beginner Walk to Run groups: These sessions are led by qualified Run Leaders, who will support and motivate you on your way from walking to running, The beginner group is a gentle introduction to developing running, with a concentration on building confidence and running techniques.

Mondays 9.30am – 10.30am MEET: at Eastside Community Centre, Whitby.

Mondays 5.45pm – 6.45pm MEET: at Caedmon College (Normanby Site) Sports Hall, Whitby.

Thursdays 9.30am – 10.30am MEET: at Filey Country car park near office buildings.

Fridays 9.30am – 10.30am MEET: outside Scarborough Sports Centre.

Fridays 6.30pm – 7.30pm MEET: in Peasholm Gap car park.


Improver Walk to Run groups: The Improver Walk to Run group is led by qualified Run Leaders, but is a more advanced session as the time spent walking is gradually decreased and the distance covered during the session is increased. This session is suitable for those who have a medium level of fitness and have been running before.

Tuesdays 6.30pm – 7.30pm MEET: at Crossgates Community Centre car park.

Wednesdays 6.30pm – 7.30pm MEET: at Eastside Community Centre, Whitby.

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Walking Football

Walking Football

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Social Rounders

Social Rounders will be back next summer!

It’s back to school with this classic English game. Rounders follows a very similar format to Baseball, with pitching, batting, fielding and reaching bases to score points. This is a session sure to introduce, or re-introduce you to a great game!

Rounders sessions are open to all abilities, with the sessions being delivered by our friendly and welcoming Community Sport Activators.


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