Walking Football


Walking Football

Wednesdays 12pm – 1.30pm at Whitby Leisure Centre. (£3 per session)

Thursdays 10am – 11am at Scarborough Sports Village 3G pitch (£2 per session)

Fridays 7pm – 8pm at Caedmon College (Scoresby Site) astroturf, Whitby. 2 per session)


A form of football designed for the over 50’s but can be played by all ages. The only difference to mainstream football is the inclusion of the rule – no running only walking. The game is small sided, with no running on or off the ball, very little contact and kick-ins instead of throw-ins. With less stress on the body and no real sudden change of direction or cutting movements, the game allows participants to play in a safe environment.

Walking Football has become increasingly popular and is designed to help people live an active lifestyle, as well as to support getting people back into football who have stopped playing due to age or injury. Long term benefits can include reduced heart rate and blood pressure, better mobility, less fat and more muscle. As well as offering health benefits, Walking Football offers social benefits – the opportunity for participants to meet new people, prevent isolation and create interaction for individuals and small groups. This is one sporting activity that is suitable for all.

For further information on how to get involved in the sessions please contact the office on 01723 232552.




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