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What is the Active Coast & Country initiative?

In April 2015 an application was submitted to Sport England to seek funding from their Community Sport Activation Fund. The fund is part of Sport England’s 2012 -17 Youth and Community Strategy which seeks to stimulate local sports delivery and help increase and sustain once a week participation in sport for those people aged 14 and above. According to Sport England’s Active People data the participation rates within the Scarborough Borough have always been under the national and regional average and this, along with the Round 4 theme of deprivation, meant that the Council were in a good position to apply for funding.

A “Participation in Sport” consultation was carried out to gain strategic need for the project and also further support was gained from local sports clubs, national governing bodies and the County Sports Partnership; North Yorkshire Sport.

On the 24 July the Council was offered a grant of £235,401 to launch its “Active Coast & Country” initiative that is a project to deliver a multi – sport programme across the Borough with a priority on increasing participation in IMD deprived wards and supporting existing community clubs with a focus on family orientated activity, the 14+ age group and female participation.

The scheme has funding for three years and will employ four “Community Sport Activators” who will deliver the project in the community with the Sports Development Officer. The project has agreed new participation targets of 1,199 in Year 1, 860 in Year 2 and 888 in Year 3; giving a total of 2,947 new participants in sport across the Borough. This will be fully monitored and evaluated and reportable to Sport England and a project steering group.

The scheme was officially launched in the Brunswick Shopping Centre, Scarborough on Saturday 16th January 2016 in partnership with Yorkshire Coast Radio. The team of Activators are now delivering a full multi – sport programme in various community settings across the Borough.

For further details of the Active Coast & Country initiative please contact us on (01723) 232552 or e-mail activecoast&country@scarborough.gov.uk