FA Just Play Football


Open Age Just Play Football:  Fridays 7pm – 8pm at Caedmon College (Scoresby site) astroturf (£2 per session)

Now is the perfect opportunity to get your boots back on and join us at one of our Just Play kickabouts.

The sessions are for all abilities and perfect for those who haven’t played in a while. There’s absolutely no commitment; some of our Just Players come once a month and others come every week. You can get as involved in each kickabout as you want. Just Play kickabouts are great for when you want to play without committing to a weekly game, a complicated league or fancy team strips. Sessions are flexible and sociable and an FA qualified Just Play organiser will ensure you have fun on the pitch whatever your level of fitness or ability. The FA Mars Just Play gives the casual footballer a chance to just turn up to a venue and play football. The Just Play kickabout is recreational football at its best – it’s about turning up for an hour of exercise and a bit of fun. It’s football for those who can’t or don’t want to commit to an eight-month long season of matches and training. Frankly, it’s jumpers for goalposts, but we provide the balls, pitch and teams. FA Mars Just Play is purely for adults, for men, for women, for those who think they’re talented and for those who think they aren’t. It’s also for those with a disability or for 16–25s or women-only or even veterans; there’s a kickabout designed specifically for you, whatever your age or ability. There’s no better time to give Just Play a go.

For further details please visit http://www.thefa.com/my-football/justplay

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